Armine Iknadossian

Pearl Jam live in LA Sports Arena: Lightning Bolt Tour, November 24, 2013

Here’s to 20 more years of songwriting, touring and activism. Eddie, Stone, Jeff, Mike, Matt and Boomer, may the jam always be with you.

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Peter Hayes, photo by Armine Iknadossian

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: The Eye of The Storm

The next day, Ottaway compares it to Alcoholics Anonymous in response to a fan’s fevered withdrawals. ‘You just gotta keep coming back,’ he writes.

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The Kids Are Alright: An Interview with Jonah Smith of Plowboy

There is a wholly satisfied feeling that comes with the knowledge that there are teens out there who are reaching for a guitar instead of an auto tune button.

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Malia James

Interview with Malia James, the restless muse

Rekwired gets a few minutes with the ever-busy, beautiful and talented renaissance woman.

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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Last Night On Earth with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at The Troubadour (12/21/12)

What is ironic about this review is that it is hard to find a band these days that is more accommodating, friendly and respectful of their fan base than B.R.M.C.

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Wild Thing: Another Encounter with Peter Hayes of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

“Wild thing. You make my heart sing.” Those lines keep repeating in my head ever since the BRMC/STP gig at the Santa Barbara Bowl in Santa Barbara, California on October 27.

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