Kristen Fisher

The Vaccines

No Hope: The Vaccines ‘come of age’

This new single No Hope is bringing to light that organic bands, recording live and being involved in their production is causing a rush of adrenaline.

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Garbage “Control”: Not Your Kind of People

From being a small child and knowing about the existence of Garbage but never being fully able to appreciate it, I can’t express how welcomed it is to breathe in a new album of theirs.

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New Young Pony Club

Watch: New Young Pony Club new video You Used To Be A Man

Taking kaleidoscope images, mirroring off of the band themselves and using galaxy reflections far beyond us to get the point across.

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The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends

Record Store Day Must Have – The Flaming Lips ‘Heady Fwends’

Even placing various artists blood into their liquid vinyl, considered the strange collectors must-have.

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Alabama Shakes

Thoughts on Alabama Shakes

And I’ve never had a better time watching a band, with an indication nod to the classic southern roots that led some of the greats to success.

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Allbrook/Avery – Big Art

After Nick Allbrook (of the Tame Impala) found himself homeless he resorted to living in Cameron Avery’s house. It’s the start of something beautiful, yes.

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Mini Mansions

Watch: Mini Mansions – Heart of Glass

Instead of trying to top Blondie, they did what you couldn’t do any better; simply to put it in words… they made it their own.

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