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Exit Calm

Introducing: Exit Calm

Their mellow undertones on songs such as ‘Hearts and Minds’, and ‘We’re On Our Own’, are reminiscent to the likes of Oasis, Embrace, and Kasabian.

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The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends

Record Store Day Must Have – The Flaming Lips ‘Heady Fwends’

Even placing various artists blood into their liquid vinyl, considered the strange collectors must-have.

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Alabama Shakes

Thoughts on Alabama Shakes

And I’ve never had a better time watching a band, with an indication nod to the classic southern roots that led some of the greats to success.

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The Manic Shine

The Manic Shine release ‘My Woman’ video

The ‘My Woman’ single and video release comes just a few weeks after the band released their phenomenal debut album, Blindsider.

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Harriet Jones dealin’ the blues

Clean tracks combining pure 60’s and 70’s sound of bluegrass-esque acoustic guitars, blues, folk and lovely feminine lyrics make you think that all the hopes about keeping guitar music alive are not gone yet. 

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Lydia Baylis

Could Lydia Baylis be the next Lana Del Rey?

She has been compared to Dido, Carly Simon, and Lana Del Rey for her singing, and to her delight, she has been described as A young Marianne Faithful.

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Allbrook/Avery – Big Art

After Nick Allbrook (of the Tame Impala) found himself homeless he resorted to living in Cameron Avery’s house. It’s the start of something beautiful, yes.

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Mini Mansions

Watch: Mini Mansions – Heart of Glass

Instead of trying to top Blondie, they did what you couldn’t do any better; simply to put it in words… they made it their own.

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According To You

According To You ‘No Love Lost’

British indie rock-pop band According To You are the newest kids on the indie block with their up-and-coming, catchy ‘No Love Lost’ EP.

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Barricades Rise

Barricades Rise release their new Repertoire

Jonathan’s melodic, raspy voice is very different to the stereotypical rock vocal sound; he sounds like he could be from Memphis.

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Jack Savoretti

Jack Savoretti – Knock Knock

Jack Savoretti is one such artist who is fusing a country-western and jazz style to create a commercially accessible acoustic sound.

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Toy – Left Myself Behind

Toy’s first single is a wonderful and soft combination of psychedelic and post-punk, old synths, it doesn’t bore a person despite it’s being 8-minutes long.

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