When witty lyrical components trigger throughout a band, you not only have to give their album a listen but take into account how the band works as a tight-knit group. Latimer House, who since 2010 have come out onto the scene, were with their similar sound towards The Talking Heads, Smiths even Ian Dury and Syd Barrett. The song ‘This is Pop’ also has a creative music video that experiments with all the elements of history to films, from images of the band themselves to new broadcasts that depict war.

Primarily guitar driven, their newest single ‘Birdcage Walk/Until Then’ brings Pop back to a stage when it would not only be catchy with certain riffs and rhythm sections. But where in distinction the lyrics would bring out a sort of truth-saying that doesn’t consist of a vocabulary of a mere four words repeated over and over. Moreover though linked between the percussion and guitar playing it becomes essential that being a tight-knitted group has its advantages, as well as opting to rent a recording space to simply jam. It goes to show that a destined desire to want to play has a lasting impressionable effect just as their previously unreleased song ‘Until Then’ conquers.

Members are Joe Cook (guitar, vocals), Anar Yuufov (keyboards, backing vocals), Jiri Kominek (drums, percussion) and Michael Jetton on bass. Even though you have a full band, they are not close minded to adding additional musicians to accompany them on their songs which have the rightful feel of an all-night jam session. Based out of Prague, searching for a root of inspiration you would oddly find a more Brit-pop based background.