Igorrr is a unique music project by French multi-instrumentalist Gautier Serre, that combines such seemingly incompatible genres as baroque, trip hop, breakcore and death/black metal. Chaos, grotesque, schizophrenia – these are the few words that can come close to describing the music that’s born as a result of such a mixture.


Rekwired: So how are you?

Gautier: I’m fine. I just lost my sound card, because I forgot it at the venue, but I found it, it was still there, nobody stole it, so it’s fine.

Rekwired: The show was fantastic, thank you.

Gautier: Thank you.

Rekwired: What’s your impression of the Armenian audience?

Gautier: Armenian audience was great. It’s not like other audience I experienced because some of the tracks I was playing, the Armenian audience was really enthusiastic about these ones precisely. And usually people are not so much… I mean, I play these songs because I love them. Usually people don’t get exactly what I mean, and these tracks tonight were working really well, and I’m really happy because people were singing like the classical parts like they knew by heart and it was really funny. And they reacted in a really good way, I really enjoyed it.

Rekwired: The rooster, the bird on your poster, right? Can you explain it?

Gautier: Chicken, it is a chicken. Yeah, this is Patrick, this is my hen, my chicken.

Rekwired: What’s the concept behind the album and the artwork? The sound and the art, the Hallelujah album.

Gautier: Ah, it is a hard question, you know. I don’t know, I never thought about that. It’s like I’m doing an album, it has the songs perfect for me in my opinion, and the artwork should like follow this idea. It is very simple, it should show what my music says. And this is the only point, in my opinion.

Rekwired: You have another band, right? Whourkr? How do you pronounce it?

Gautier: Whourkr. I used to have another band, Whourkr, we finished in 2012 or 2013, this year, I don’t remember. We made three albums, like with three different singers. The first album was Naät with Laurent Lunoir, the second album was with Yann Coppier and the third album was with the singer Mulk (Vincent Goubeau). So we made three albums, with three different singers, and now we stopped this project. I have another project called Corpo-Mente, with Laure Le Prunenec. It’s the girl singing on Tout Petit Moineau, the track #1 from Hallelujah. So we have a project. I don’t know what’s going on, we are just trying to have fun following months.

Rekwired: So you have these different projects and you write songs for those projects.

Gautier: Yes, yes, all of them.

Rekwired: How do you decide which song goes to which project?

Gautier: I don’t really decide, it sounds logical to me. I do something and it has somehow the colour of the project it belongs to. I don’t have really this problem, because I compose many for Igorrr, because it is definitely my main project. I was composing for Whourkr, but in my mind I was doing the tracks for Whourkr, I was not doing tracks [gestures] like that and asking myself – maybe it’s more Igorrr, maybe it’s more Whourkr; it was clear in my mind. Today is more like – Igorrr is all I have and I try to bring everything in one place. All I love, all I like, I try to bring everything at the same place.

Rekwired: What about the collaborations? For example, if you decide to collaborate with a band, how is it? Do you write everything and then musicians come and do their part, or they bring their experience into that project, too?

Gautier: It depends. I’m not working really often with bands, I’m working with artists. They are free to do whatever they want, for example at the moment I’m working with Ruby My Dear, it’s a French electronic amazing artist. We are doing a collaboration, we are going to release an EP, so this guy does like breakcore, IDM, so we’re doing the collaboration like – I’m sending the stuff I do, he’s sending me the stuff he does, and we try to mix it altogether. It’s not like with a band. My collaborations are not like with the band when I have to record something and I have to mix something. The collaboration I’ve done with Bong-Ra, it was – we do approximately the same things: we are working on computer, we know how to mix, to do the mix and the masterings, we are quite easy – it’s really easy to work with these people. Not like with a band. I’m working more for my own albums. Like for example for the guitars, the guy doing guitars is from the band Mayhem. It’s not exactly the same, he is not a band, he’s a guitarist. I’m working as well with singers from some different bands but I never take all of the members from one band. It’s like – I like the way you play guitar, I like the way you sing, so I just try to make collaboration with persons, not with the bands.

Rekwired: And speaking of collaboration: who would you want to collaborate with the most? Any big names?

Gautier: I’d like to collaborate with George Fisher, the singer from Cannibal Corpse [laughs], but he doesn’t answer to my emails, unfortunately.

Rekwired: You were speaking about live line-up, right? Three members? When are you going to tour with that line-up?

Gautier: We start to tour, I don’t remember when the first date is, I think it’s in April. It’s like we have the live band so I’m doing the machines, all the instruments, and there are the two singers, the male and the female singers – Laurent Lunoir and Laure Le Prunenec, the two guys singing on my albums. We have some dates at the moment, and we have never done any gig together yet. So we don’t know how it’s going on.

Rekwired: What would you recommend to Armenian audience to listen to, what bands? Any top artists in any genre in particular?

Gautier: I think my top artists are famous even in Armenia, but I heard that baroque music is really not popular in Yerevan, and in Armenia, so I would advise to listen to Domenico Scarlatti, really old – I mean, he’s dead, but – old baroque composer. He’s a genius.

Rekwired: So, just for you to know, when The Algorithm came this year they recommended you.

Gautier: Yeah, Rémi [Gallego]? Oh, that’s nice. I will thank him.

Rekwired: And they’re partly the reason you are here.

Gautier: [chuckles] So I have to send him a little gift.

Rekwired: How would you rate the music scene in France and your position in it?

Gautier: I think in France it’s starting to be much better than it used to be. People start to be more open for extreme music. And didn’t used to be like that.

Rekwired: And your place in it?

Gautier: I don’t know, everything is really new. There is no scene for such music anywhere. I’m not doing popular music, it’s not dubstep, it’s not house music and stuff like that, it’s really underground music, so there is no place typically for this. The club I played tonight in Yerevan it was like a techno and house club, it was not for experimental electronic music. But there are no such clubs everywhere. In Berlin there was Subland, it’s like an exception, there are no such clubs usually. Usually it’s like – I’m playing in a location where people are booking death metal bands and then I arrive and play with a computer, so people are saying “Oh, it’s not a band, there is no guitarist or drummer, he’s playing with the computer, what the fuck?!” And tonight I was playing in the club and “Okay, he’s not playing house music, what the fuck?!” So I don’t know really if I have a place, I think I don’t really have a place.

Rekwired: Most underrated bands in your opinion?

Gautier: Bands who deserve to be more famous?

Rekwired: Yeah.

Gautier: I would say Vladimir Bozar ‘n’ Ze Sheraf Orkestär. It’s a band from the south of France, they are absolutely amazing and they are criminally underrated. There is Priapisme, French band as well. In my opinion, Ruby My Dear is also underrated because he’s amazing. I don’t know, these three bands should be enough.

Rekwired: If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Gautier: For me? My best album? I hate this question. Is it possible to make a best of, like to burn the CD with all the best tracks?

Rekwired: Or let’s say if you go to an island where there’s nobody…

Gautier: …Which CD would you bring? Like I was saying, I would take some Cannibal Corpse, I would take some Meshuggah, some Radiohead, some Portishead, Domenico Scarlatti, Fantômas, Mr. Bungle, maybe Napalm Death. Many bands, I would take a lot of bands.

Rekwired: So thank you very much!

Gautier: You’re welcome, thank you.

Rekwired: Hope to see you again.

Gautier: Yeah, I hope, too.