Beware Of Darkness - Howl

Does anyone else feel the energy serge through their screen into their ears? Not just me, okay. LA-based trio Beware of Darkness provoke a raw heavy metal stage presence, while spinning the room with a repeated guitar riff that you won’t forget anytime soon. With their latest single,”Howl”, being featured on KROQ, they are being picked out as a soon-to-be-critically-acclaimed band. Think of The Black Keys, but with Jimmy Page as their guitarist and even a slight Darby Crash snarl to the vocals, mixed with Chris Cester from Jet. With Kyle Nicolaides being only 21, this incredible live video of Howl was performed at the Troubadour on May 6th.

Tony Cupito’s on drums, hitting them as if he’s rounding up a hoard of men for battle. Then Daniel Curcio times it up and crosses the Atlantic with his fast-paced possessive playing. LA, you are outdoing yourself with bringing rock n’ roll back and music to it’s knees. With Nicolaides citing literary influences such as Sylvia Plath and David Foster Wallace, we realise it’s been a while since we’ve heard the literary part of music. A change of perception is at hand.

Howl was released on Bright Antenna in April, 2012.

HOWL EP Track Listing:

1. “Howl”
2. “Ghost Town”
3. “Culture Bomb”
4. “Holy Men”