Houston, Texas has been home to a man by the name of Alvaro Che Rodriguez whose solo project is called aCr. Why do you need to know about the guitarist/vocalist from Liquid Casing? Well to put it as simple as possible… when it comes to music – not just good music, but great musicians that tap into an unseen part of the psyche to transform riddles he may allow you to solve. His EP “Ghost Note Manifest” feeds through a philosophical trustee. Be ready for this 3 song EP of intelligent mind warped post-punk progress.

Bringing into existence not a relative theory of the inner consciousness but merely an EP to get you thinking. A play on an introduction that weaves together various points about a story that you swear… may be part of a parallel existence. The tracks The Mechanical Motion of Dying Stars, Turnstile Interventions and 1st Assumptions vs. 2nd Doubts have names that appeal to be far more investigated to a certain side of a listener, concerning what such songs could possibly entail before that first listen through.

Released this month, “Ghost Note Manifest” is truly a particular section of soundwaves that should be given a title or given attention to. It’s when three tracks (when usually it had to be a whole album to make the decision about whether or not you would go out to buy) make up the decision that eventually having this printed on vinyl would be a great transaction.

While you are at it, click on the bandcamp link to “The Mechanical Motion of Dying Stars” and read the lyrics that are laid out on the left hand side.