Without the wait, the band Larusso recently wrapped up their tour celebrating the release of their new album ‘Life in Static’. Personally growing up with Warped Tour and Pop/Punk bands that graced every AP cover imaginable, Larusso have taken it a step further and evolved one of the set in stone genres with hooks and lyrical intent to have a deeper meaning than originally thought.

Members Aaron Condrat (Lead Vocals/Guitar) Justin Trombetti (Drums/Vocals) Tyler ‘Fizzy’ Grundstrom (Bass) and Nick Sasich (Guitar) round out this band as a group of individuals that have the same idea drive towards in a direction that doesn’t have any split seams or ends, making them highly magnetic.

Coming from the Salt Lake City, these guys have a purpose. With the design for catchy guitar riffs that instantly break into the mold, lyrically they have the talent to surpass a genre that could be seen as one sided. But given the idea that these guys have already in a short time frame exceeded any pre-judgement. Their single ‘The Voice’ would be the song to see as the beginning frame of something quite wonderful.

But what this band has a head start in is the DIY advancement that they hold true to their name. Larusso are on the rise towards becoming something even better, with touring as much as possible, festivals and events that have only led them to keep playing on stage. This take on a beloved area of music doesn’t mean that each of them do not come from a wide background of music. In this case they just so happened to collaborate on a style that is purely their own calling.

‘Life in Static’ as a whole generates a buzz in the air, giving a mutual enjoyment of earlier arrangements that Pop/Punk is known for but upping the ante to jostle around better ideas and lyrics that act as a playground freely pushing through the boundaries.

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