Arizona has been indulged with a band that should be heard throughout the states. Lovesick Saints find a balance in the punk aroma of Social Distortion and cleverly associate their melody with the facts that ring not only true but allow the listener to think.

Involving real life experiences as a source of their music, calling on political realms of the soldiers who give their lives for their country; stating how much of a fight is put up in ‘War Story’, and just as the music video shows the footage of the toll it takes not only on the solider himself but the family he leaves behind.


With Tom Holliday (guitar/vocals), Christian Howell (Drums/backing vocals) and Jarrod Olson on (bass) you could say that this line-up had to go through some changes to come to the point where Olson brought his heavy influence of Grunge bass lines to fuel the rhythm section where Howell leads a path of destructive nature. All tied in with Holliday’s vocals that don’t strain as he mixes a sort of crooner vitality in with that overall gut-wrenching story telling distinction.

The genres that have placed this band within their realms are vast, with a hint of influence here and there, but nevertheless you never forget the name of this trio. After 4 EPs, Lovesick Saints have had a career that has had its ups and downs when it comes to the lineup, but this is just the beginning. Tightening the loose ends by having a voice that in today’s music seems to be scarce; their 4th EP Dia De Los Muertos fills the rounded album amount even though the EP only has half the songs that a normal full length album should have. But that doesn’t impact the clear direction that they have decided to drive towards.

Out of the 6 tracks, a personal favourite is the second to last song ‘This Ain’t It’ which from the starting point gives grace to punk buzz-sawing that can either come off as pure punk or a more pop toned analogy. Holliday’s voice rivets against his own guitar playing that buries the lyrics into the drums and bass lines. Forging a communication between each member that builds and builds until about mid-way through, then escalating into a fall-out of perfect noise that comes home as the echo and static end, and Holliday releases the end of the verse.

Playing gigs mainly around the Maricopa County area let’s just say its about time these guys had a few tours up their sleeves.

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