Mode Moderne - Strange Bruises

Clint Lofkrantz, Felix Fung and Phillip Intilé teamed up in 2008, and since then Canada has been hiding away a project that turned into an everlasting bond between modern music and classic ambient dark fusion. The 7 songs that are featured on Strange Bruises are a follow up to their full length album; created with sensual drum machines and synthesizers that are used as the heartbeat prescription of the vocals that lash out through the lyrics. What fascinates me is that while they were holed up in a studio in Vancouver during the winter months, they progressed through the usual facade of the weather inter-playing with their moods and instead made the best of it. The third track, Strange Bruises, – which is also the title of the album, – presents a joyous melancholy, the private nature of listening with your eyes closed; I’ll even go as far to say that the lyrics possess that unique quality that give a hint of Ian Curtis in the mix.

Not only are we in a new age of music, but also in an age to mix together the past and a present future. Mode Moderne use this with track 4, Guns, which starts out heavy and ends with the echo of a past not forgotten but being revved up to be resurrected; and then with Private Library, which suggests the tied up ideas and feelings of pleasure, whether they are young or older, are we ever quite satisfied with another person.

“Strange Bruises” will be released on September 3 through Light Organ Records. As the ambient, ethereal swoons of beats flow overhead above a core of synthesizers to dip into the valley of a crystal clear guitar of electrocution, just waiting to fall head over heels for the mechanical drum beat that feels more human than the next, not only interwoven with lyrics but the words dance on top of such a rhythm you would think that those words were meant to be touched and sewn into the finished assortment.