“One of the things that makes rock ‘n’ roll great is its little imperfections and riding on the edge of disaster, knowing full well that any second it could all just fall apart.” This is the motto from the band The Boy From The Crowd.

Once guitarist/singer-songwriter Vinny Piana ran into Vegas Ivy (drummer) not only would London catapult into Rock n’ Roll haven but the Delta Blues would bubble up to make The Boy From The Crowd’s presence known.

If you hit something hard enough, will it sound better or are you being fueled by the pure vibrations of what the song is embedding? From the duo that makes up the band, not only are we being greeted by primal visionaries but a complicated action can be enriched by a voodoo styled beat.

Their single ‘Revelator’ holds a dear compromise of blended takes on blues, rock n’ roll but added with a sense of saucy attraction that gives us a need to keep looking forward till the end. Once the guitar and the drums have a battle, upped a notch by Vinny screaming until that reverb effect lingers on until you’ve given it time to turn off the amp.

Sinking in further and further, beats are a foundation to be built upon. Unlike the majority of music that tends to lack those thresholds, being able to find a band or musician that actually takes the time to craft their magic is extraordinary.

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