The Hydrothermal Vents may have a mouthful of a band name but that doesn’t stop any pure edged race that combines two impressive musicians that can now take a punch at pop rock music and twist it over in their hands to create a subtly dark approach. John Tielli and Tessa Kautzman dig deep into the crust of life that alters retro like-abilities with an off handed accompaniment that shares a love for the Pixies, Talking Heads and The B52’s.

When you hear cutting edge music, everyone has a different opinion that shapes an analogy. However, The Hydrothermal Vents have a clean cut style that represents forward thinking, and are original yet mirroring a replicated version that is simply being crafted better.

The shear tenacity that it takes to create a sound that could easily be taken as a joke, takes a few knock down spells. Unless you’re going to dive head deep like their song ‘Out of Their Cages’ that seems more related to a scene from a David Lynch film than a welcome greeting.
Fading into the next track ‘Hydrothermal Vents’ we encounter a haunted vibe of survive, repeated over until reckoning sounds start to appear.

John and Tessa share a bond: once John starts off a song, Tessa will echo a melody that coats around his tone. Having a contrast with singers is not only hard to accomplish but a once in a lifetime attempt at something groundbreaking. Fortunately this duo uses tones and range to reel in music enthusiasts to assist them to a higher level.

Having the obvious upbeat tempo songs are good but what stands out is their collaborated achievement on these tracks that leak originality and repetitive looped beats, that sound like something that would come from the darker side of someone’s secrets. Also having numerous projects under your sleeve can help in figuring out, whether you want to go in a certain direction or hit every note that one instrument can accompany towards your voice.

An October Fall Tour has been announced. Head to their Facebook page to see if they will be playing near you.

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