When a meloman like me being fed up with crazy impressions of the day desperately tries to sleep but cannot manage, he/she shoots “Damn it!” to nowhere for several times and then goes to dig music library. So did I. But here’s the question: what to listen to? Then I see a 3 years old child looking at me with wide open eyes from a corner: that’s Carnavas of Silversun Pickups. Hmm, why not?

Everytime I hear this band I start to think whose idea was to create a band, huh? I would kiss that guy’s forehead. They are unique with everything: vocals, style, lyrics, bass player, why not, the behaviour (although I have never seen them live). It seems that if the band members appear next to you right now doing nothing, you will hear music anyway. They look like a real band, a team.

What about album?.. Hmm, about the album: it’s clear from the beginning that it’s their first, as Wikipedia says, full-length album. It’s so warm, probably they were working realy hard on this record. The first thing you hear in the record is the dirty buzz of the guitars and Brian’s velvet and warm vocal, that sometimes is accompanied by Nikki’s sweet voice. The album is starting with a very transparent, full of air track – Melatonin, telling you immediately that you don’t have to trust the sweet sound, that you don’t even know how many strange ideas came to their minds, sitting down and reacording quite not-easy-listening songs. That will make me decide not to torture you by describing each and every song…

Well Though Out Twinkles, Checkered Floor, Little Lover’s So Polite, Future Foe Scenarios, filling your soul in a strange way, at the end: “it’s alright”… Really?… And here I’m really impatient: Lazy Eye!..

This could be the band’s one and only song: everyone would remember this band with this song. It’s so Silversun Pickups! Remember, this was also a background music for Alternative Radio Show (this is especially for readers from Armenia).

One more thing that could surprise you: what is doing Three Seeds in the line with other songs? This is complitely different with its calm mood!

In general, album is full of torturing rhythms, drive, but at the same time it’s so melancholic, that it makes you lazy. So wanted especially for Friday nights!

PS. United States should be very proud of producing such an indie band. If I had million dollars, I would share it with the band!