Silversun Pickups-Swoon

Those who heard the first full album of this band, surely couldn’t wait for their second record because you can never forget this band with its unique guitar sounds, the velvet voice of the vocalist, perfect woman back-vocals, melodic bass and crazy drums.

Swoon, the second album of Silversun Pickups is out on April 14, 2009. Personally me always wait for the “second albums” with fear because most of the bands fail on this, especially when they gain popularity after the first LP. Fortunately, it didn’t happen with this band (I was quite sure about this).

You cannot name this music easy-listening, that’s why you will discover nice songs in this album one by one, like in Carnavas. It’s again light music with some melancholic elements. You will even think of dancing in several moments while listening to the album.

Swoon begins with a sincere and positive There’s No Secrets This Year. It’s not only an opening song but also literally tunes you to further listening with it’s drive, melody, vocal and lyrics.

Wikipedia says:
Swoon is a term used to express happiness or excitement, to be overwhelmed by joy or emotion toward something. Also a term to dance to the rhythm of music. The term can also be used to describe partially fainting.

Overwhelming can bring the opposite: after 4 minutes 27 seconds the song turns into a depressive outro with the lyrics using the word “swoon”. It’s also an intro for the next song – paranoic Royal We, with impressive lyrics. You will enjoy the whole album for a long time, listening to psychedelic Growing Old Is Getting Old, stressed It’s Nice To Know You Work Alone with changing sexy vocals of Nikky Monninger/Brian Aubert, the hit of the album Panic Switch with its rich guitar sounds, dreamy Draining, nightmare Sort Of, easy going Substitution, fantasy-stic Catch & Release and closing Surrounded.

Personally me was impressed by the drive of  There’s No Secret This Year, the lyrics of  Royal We. Also you will get used to Panic Switch and Substitution quite soon. Other songs you will discover later, in time.

This album won’t get you bored. More than that, you probably won’t copy the whole album to your player to listen to everyday, but believe me, you will return to this album quite often and too many times. Because it’s done with passion, enthusiasm, compiled smartly, full of melody and drive turning into swoon.  Maybe these guys are not full of charisma on the stage but they know what they are playing and they surely like it!


Silversun Pickups

Yours truly, Gaya