After The Vaccines released “No Hope” in late May of this year, we only got a small taste of what their new album “The Vaccines Come of Age” would bring. Now with Teenage Icon we are even closer to hearing the evolution that has taken place within the band. From being in your twenties and fumbling with the middle ground of “can I still get away with doing the things I did two years ago?” to “do I have to start acting like everyone else does when they grow up?”. But what I like is – you get a sense that you always hear about this transition, that takes place from young adult to full on adult. And you, me and everyone else wants to find a middle ground were we can just stay at a certain point for a while.

Teenage Icon shows the band walking into a lift and playing hard as ever, even in a music video, their live performances, because they are known for shows. Then the camera slides to the next lift showing the girl versions of themselves, playing just as hard. Now I can take this and tell you, when they enter the lift it could be the innocence of what real great rock’n’roll possess. You can be playing in the smallest space, playing as loud as you can, as fast as you can.

No one is a teenage icon and certainly I don’t see why anyone would want to be. They are The Vaccines, don’t put them in any other category. Music is music, no genre should be present. I just feel that we are entering a pretty great era of music and we are at the beginning of it all.

The Vaccines Come of Age comes out on September 3rd, 2012.