Mark Oliver Everett’s band, Eels, is set to release a new album on February 5, 2013. Entitled Wonderful, Glorious, it will be out digitally, as well as on CD and vinyl. The band shared first song off new record, Peach Blossom, rich with dirty bass and E’s specific vocals.

The regular version of Wonderful Glorious has the following tracklisting:

01. Bombs Away
02. Kinda Fuzzy
03. Accident Prone
04. Peach Blossom
05. On the Ropes
06. The Turnaround
07. New Alphabet
08. Stick Together
09. True Original
10. Open My Present
11. You’re My Friend
12. I Am Building a Shine

Album’s deluxe edition is twice as long. The additional tracklisting is as follows:

01. Hold On to Your Hat
02. Your Mama Warned You
03. I’m Your Brave Little Soldier
04. There’s Something Strange
05. Happy Hour (We’re Gonna Rock)
06. That’s Not Really Funny (Live 2011)
07. In My Dreams (Live 2010)
08. Prizefighter (Live 2010)
09. Looking Up (Live 2011)
10. What I Have to Offer (Live at KEXP)
11. I Like the Way This Is Going (Live at KEXP)
12. Spectacular Girl (Live At KEXP)
13. Summer in the City (Live At KEXP)