Swedish electronic duo The Knife have recently revealed another song from their upcoming new album, Shaking The Habitual, that will hit the stores on April 8 this year. A Tooth For An Eye is a lot less provocative and easier to watch, as opposed to the previous track off the new record, Full of Fire. Yet this new video also touches the subject of gender equality, which you can check for yourself by looking at the young girl leading an otherwise male-only group of dancers. How is that not a good gift on International women’s day?

By the way, the video features a shortened and edited version of the song. You may listen to the longer album version below. A Tooth For An Eye music video was directed by Kakan Hermansson and Roxy Farhat. In the words of the latter, the song “deconstructs images of maleness, power and leadership.” You may read her thoughts on the video here.

Shaking The Habitual promises to be album of the year for The Knife fans, especially considering that they’ve had to wait for nearly 7 years since duo’s latest album Silent Shout was released in 2006.

Here’s what new album tracklisting will look like:

01. A Tooth for an Eye
02. Full of Fire
03. A Cherry on Top
04. Without You My Life Would Be Boring
05. Wrap Your Arms Around Me
06. Crake
07. Old Dreams Waiting to Be Realized
08. Raging Lung
09. Networking
10. Oryx
11. Stay Out Here
12. Fracking Fluid Injection
13. Ready to Lose