The most famous ‘loser’ of America’s music scene, or as you may know him Beck has shared a new video for ‘Heart is A Drum’. Directed by Sophie Muller (she stands behind such music videos as Blur’s Song 2, Beetlebum, Bjork’s Venus as a Boy, The Cure’s The 13th and many other awesome music videos), the gothic-styled clip sees the singer wandering about the grounds of a creepy old house, interspersed with a gloomy love story. Along with lost astronauts, a wispy woman and a grim reaper you can notice a figure who’s dressed like young Beck from the “Loser” video.

This Monday night, the Los Angeles performer also stopped by ‘The Colbert Report’ for a chat and a mellow performance of the same track.

Colbert asked why Beck jumps around so many styles of music, and eventually had the artist describe his sound: “Gentle-dub cool-out lounge-banjo,” Beck replies. “A lot of hyphens.”

“Were a lot of your fans coming up to you and saying, ‘I love your music, I just hate you playing it?’” asked Colbert. Beck stated that Tweedy and White were better at recording his songs, to which the audience heaved a huge “awww.”

Colbert asked a question which was a matter of interest for all Beck’s fans. “Why is Beck sad?” . The musician simply replied: “I just need a hug.”

Talking about his latest album Morning Phase (released this February) Beck described it as ‘a little quite’, ‘a little bit slow’ and ‘good for massages’.

During his concert at the Providence Performing Art Center on July 27, Beck was joined by a special guest – Jack White. The two performed ‘Loser’, ‘Pay No Mind’ and finished with ‘Where It’s at’. For the last track the two of them were also accompanied by Sean Lennon on tambourine.