Chris Helme

Back from the sea, following suit with a fresh new approach with only his band and an acoustic guitar. Who knew it could sound so evenly sweet? Formerly of The Seahorses, Chris Helme, who has been hidden away for sometime, has found his way back by introducing “The Rookery”, his album that will be released on August 27th 2012 on Little Num Num Music.

The recent music video, “Good to be in Love”, has a trustworthy approach to finding love that was essentially gone to begin with. Chris even gets that dopamine feeling, kicking with the instrumental background progressively playing on your emotional tide. You may even stop in midstep whenever you are listening to his new album on your iPod – to pond if you’ve ever felt that honest about someone and life in general.

While The Seahorses were mirrored in a time when political uprise was cared for more than now, instead of it just being plainly tossed about, a whole new musician has been born since then. But what has gotten me is that saying ‘the older you get the more wise you become.’ That may be so but with Chris Helme it has changed to “the older you get the better you can write” – not only from experience but from hearing other stories that somehow you can see yourself being apart of. So I guarantee you won’t find the same man from The Seahorses, but a musician that can play a 3 string folk melody that haunts your hollow heart, followed by the transition of a slightly fuzzed out guitar pedal hidden within the sweet and sour lyrics that make you focus on the moments in life instead of the big picture.

Even now as I listen to the mellow “Summer Girl” live, there is a certain type of ache that my musical brain has been thirsty for; it just so happens to have a name now and that name is Chris Helme.

Don’t only treat yourself but educate your soul with this new album.