Goodbye, Labrador

Goodbye, Labrador have decided that the best way to hear music is to make it free. And how much better can it get, when that the track itself is immersed in that chills of good feelings wrapping you up as the 6+ minute song seems to last forever, in the way you want summer to last forever. The track called Memoir releases this Beach House fuel, but with a heavier driven path being played around with vocals and drum patterns. Easily the type of song you could see being featured in an independent film, the moment when characters come to a sudden realization of where their life was going and just how far they were willing to keep going in the same direction, or maybe they should’ve just got up and moved.

Their EP is titled “A Thousand Times Before”. Guitarist Phil has said that the song took on a variety of location identities since it was written. Started in Brooklyn, it traveled around Europe where the song took more of a form in Barcelona and Lisbon. You know sometimes it’s hard for musicians to soak in that quality of a place being heard through the music. But Goodbye, Labrador have taken it like sand and laid it over the beach waves of vocals that are scented with these elegant places.

You can feel the rich texture the lyrics speak out, but you can also feel the sensual sensation of the instruments, backing it up into a solemn earth rhythmic lullaby.