Hopefully MTV will go back to what they used to stand for. If they ever do, I would tune in just to watch this 16mm homage to a late 1970’s early 80’s feel of John Hughes meets a slightly creepy “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”, along with the classic slasher films that define the era. Since JJAMZ’s debut album “Suicide Pact” is coming out July 10th, it’s a perfect opportunity to watch their video for “Heartbeat”, directed by Eddie O, who grew up digging around for old VHS that had any intention of being a horror film back when the grainy part of the tape would add to the effect of a frightening scene. From one scene showing Z Berg (of The Like) going about her day, helping to paint a sign for the dance to running into a crypt keeper look-alike old man, switching between the scenes of her being a teenager to showing her tied up in a room illuminated by a red light. Personally I love the summer dust feel of watching old VHS (if you can even find them now), and emerging yourself in that time of only having to worry about who you were with or who was going to be taking you to the dance.

With departure from The Like’s classic cool all-female 60’s garb, Z Berg hasn’t lost that touch of rough vocal stretch, where she makes you want to ache all over because her words are so honey sweet. Give or take, if you’re fan of music in general, but you know there has always been that one song that whenever you were with someone has reminded you of them. What I love about this is before you see the music video, it’s this song about wanting someone back. Then you see the video and you start thinking it’s about a creepy old man trying to get the younger girl just to tie and bind her wrists. Either way, love is tough, especially when your heartbeat is strong and you’re running down a long hallway, away from a killer. Like I said, love’s tough.