It’s mid summer and I’m sure lot of music geeks with hungry ears have been searching for some summer music . So did I, and found this band called Tennis.

Tennis is a duo from Denver consisting of husband-and-wife duo Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley that have released 2 studio albums: “Cape Dory” (2011) and “Young and Old” (2012).

Tennis’ main genres are indie pop and dream-pop. In my opinion many artists playing in those genres sometimes do sound the same, and when exploring some dreamy music, feels like I’m listening to the same artist over and over again. I can’t say that Tennis isn’t THAT different (I see strong similarity with Beach House, Summer Camp and especially Best Coast, the most ironic thing is that all of these are duos too), but their music is at least memorable unlike other rather new dream-pop projects.

Tennis produces easy-listening tunes, that kind of music you want to hear while riding with windows down. At the first listen feels like Alaina Moore can get inspiration pretty much from everything. Her sharp voice suits her well. I really like grungy guitar patterns. Lyrics are mostly about relationships, traveling, summertime and that kind of dream-popish themes that carry some memories and summer mood. There are couple of moments on the second album when it feels like you’re on a full speed out on a highway.

I also want to mention that their debut album “Cape Dory” contained more electronic elements than the second release. It has been remastered and some extra-buzzy vocal filters have been added. Apparently the producers wanted to get 60’s vinyl effect, but Alaina‘s voice got too noisy, and it just didn’t work for me. In my opinion they improved their sound with “Young and Old”. The sound of guitars and synthesizers became more clear. Also, the choice of voice filters is better.

“Young and Old” also can save you from post-summer depression, if you’re used to it like I am.

So, I’m recommending this band to you if you’re lacking summer mood, and even if you don’t, Tennis is a good choice for going for walk on a hot summer noon.